Dni Otwarte 2018_73Lessons are to be taught in a cross curricular manner taking regional specialities and current affairs into consideration.
Students shall be encouraged to take part in the life long learning process.
There shall be continual consultation with teachers of related subjects so that cross curricular thinking and comprehension are achieved.
Pedagogical meetings, written lesson plans and other necessary measures shall secure the usuage of any and all cross curricular connections.
The curriculum is to be understood as a framework which enables the teacher to take economic, social and cultural changes and innovations into account.
In all appropriate subjects importance shall be placed on ideas of civics, health, media technology and environmental protection.
It is recommended that the teacher imparts in-depth knowledge of a necessarily limited field rather than superficial knowledge concerning a wide spectrum of his subject. It is therefore necessary for the teacher to teach in an exemplifying manner.
The teacher shall choose a method of teaching which will capture the interest of the student and encourage him to recognise what is important.

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