Educational and teaching objectives:
The teaching should ensure that the students

  • are able to prepare dishes of national and international origin, applying their knowledge of nutritional science as well as observing the requirements of food hygiene, ergonomics, ecology and cost efficiency;
  • are able to handle all utilities, appliances and utensils needed for that purpose in an efficient and safe manner;
  • buy and store food items, stimulants, flavourings and other kitchen supplies under the correct conditions and maintain accurate computerised records;
  • know all relevant terms;
  • realise the importance of cleanliness and orderliness, a well-groomed appearance and good manners;
  • take on responsibility as a team member in the catering trade.
  • are able to serve food and drinks and to assist guests in their choice of meals and beverages;
  • are able to plan, organise and carry out work at a restaurant efficiently, according to ergonomical, technological and administrative criteria;
  • develop awareness for the importance of maintaining cleanliness and orderliness, being well-groomed, having good manners and putting service first.
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