Educational and teaching objectives:
The teaching should ensure that the students

  • understand the cultural, social and economic importance of   tourism and take human as well as ecological aspectsinto consideration when making economic decisions,
  • are familiar with the businesses and organisations of the tourism and leisure industries on a local, regional and national level as well as with their international connections,
  • know the function of marketing and its tasks and objectives in businesses and organisations of the tourist industry,
  • are able to develop and apply marketing strategies.
  • understand the importance of traffic and of travel agencies for national and international tourism,
  • are familiar with the activities of individual transport and of transport services which are important for tourism, as  well as with their economic and legal requirements,
  • are familiar with the economic functions of tour operators and their relationship with the whole of the tourist industry,
  • are familiar with the types, the planning, the realisation and the sale of marketable travel products, and are able to carry out appropriate activities and handle working devices customary in the trade,
  • show considerate and environment-friendly behaviour when travelling.
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